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size guide

method number 1:

measure your own ring

use a ruler and measure the internal diameter and compare it to the table below

Ø15.92 mm - size 50 - size 5

Ø16.55 mm - size 52 - size 6

Ø17.19 mm - size 54 - size 7

Ø17.83 mm - size 56 - size 8

Ø18.46 mm - size 58 - size 9

method number 2:

measure your own finger

1. measure your finger by wrapping a strip of paper or wide tread around it, leaving enough space to slide the ring over you knuckle.

2. mark the place where the paper strip meets and measure the length bu using a ruler


This is the circumference of your finger, which corresponds to the European ring sizing. E.g. if it measures 5.4 cm you should choose a size 54.

If you fall in between sizes, we recommend that you chose the larger size. As a rule of thumb, you can always remember that you will probably need a slightly bigger size is if the ring is wide versus slim.

international ring size chart

ring size chart_rhea rosso.jpg
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